The semester is at an end and its hard to say just what I liked and did not like.  Overall, class was enjoyable and the professor was funny and made lessons fun and engaging.  One of my favorite concepts covered in class would have to be the lesson of the digital divide.  The digital divide is very interesting as I never really thought about just how many people do not have internet.  I always kind of just assumed everyone had access to the internet.  This is clearly not the case.  It is important to recognize the digital divide because people without internet may communicate differently with others.  A lot of people might not even know what Facebook is or how to search something on Google.  Therefore, it is important to recognize this difference and see people as having different communication styles because of the technology we use.  Also it gives me a greater appreciation for having what I have.  A lot of people take the internet for granted and the digital divide concept really brings out a new perspective.  I didn’t really have any concept or lesson that I did not enjoy.  Overall, this class was a pleasant experience and I’d gladly take it again.


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