I decided to analyze the video game Rogue Galaxy for my look into the way men and women are portrayed in video games.  The game is about space pirates and is a classic for the Playstation 2 system.  The game focuses on adventure and fighting game play.  The game is also an RPG which stands for role-playing.  In this type of game, players can choose and customize their characters which in turn allows for some diversity in their characters, both male and female.  Overall, the male characters of the game wear clothes that show off a rugged sort of flashy look.  They are pirates so their outfits tend to be adventurous.  This also goes for the females of the game.  The male models also have a sort of rugged look about them in order to show off the adventurous fantasy that is the story.  The female outfits are also adventurous but also a little more revealing and show more skin while the females themselves tend to have large breasts and big eyes, most likely to attract male gamers to play the game.  Overall, the males and females are similar with the exception of the females having certain emphasis in their bodies.


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