Campaigns surround us in our day to day life.  Many advertisers everywhere are reaching out to the masses in order to inform and influence people.  I decided to analyze this advertisement for Donald J. Trump’s campaign when he was running for president.  This campaign is a pretty common example when one hears the word, as it is very relevant today still with all the political tension that has arisen.  I am going to evaluate this campaign ad according to its informational, motivational, and behavioral objectives.  The informational objective of this ad is to inform people of Donald Trump’s plans to “Make America Great Again.” People will see this ad and get a clear message of what Donald Trump’s dreams and goals are for his campaign and what will happen if he wins.  According the ad, the motivational objective is very similar.  The motivation for the ad is to essentially, “Make America Great Again.” People want to see change and this ad helps bring them that emotional need they were looking for and inspires them to go and join Donald Trump’s campaign.  The next objective to look at, is the behavioral objective.  The behavioral objective is to get people to vote for Trump and win him the election.  The campaign is aimed at getting this behavioral support.


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