I decided to analyze this advertisement from McDonald’s.  This advertisement shows off several delicious burgers at the famous fast food restaurant.  On the advertisement we see three different burgers.  One of the burgers is a Big Mac, McDonald’s most famous food item, sitting in the middle of the advertisement.  The other two burger items on each side of the Big Mac are the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese on the left and the Angus Deluxe Third Pounder on the right.  At the top of the ad we see the words in bold, “big.beefy.bliss.” On the lower right hand corner we see the famous golden arches along with the McDonald’s logo “I’m lovin’ it.” The ad targets consumers who are hungry and who may have a craving for McDonald’s.  The ad is designed to make people hungry when they see this ad and want to go purchase a McDonald’s meal, most likely one of the burgers advertised.  The ad entices people to buy McDonald’s food in exchange for a few dollars.  Hungry consumers with money will see this ad and preferably want to exchange the cash they’ve earned for the food they perceive on the ad as delicious.  McDonald’s will get business and the consumers will fill their stomachs which the ad convinced them was empty.


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