I analyzed this music video on the internet of the popular Korean boy group Exo.  The music video is about this song called “Monster,” and based on lyrics and appearence, seems to try to show itself off as a rough, manly song.  The first striking fact about this music video is that they show off a side of men that is rarely thought of when thinking of such terms as “monster,” and “man.”  When people think of guys, they usually think of masculine features.  Muscles are shown off and usually show a rough/rugged look on the man’s face.  The word “monster” is also usually associated with such features and give us an “ugly” idea of what to expect.  The video however shows a different story.  Despite trying to appear dark, the members have makeup on and are not very muscular.  The first term that comes to mind to describe them is metro-sexual.  They are “pretty boys” and contradict what viewers might first expect.  The words “monster” and “men” give us a different view in our imaginations then what comes up in the music video and surprises us.  It’s important to realize that these are myths we have created for ourselves and now the idea of “men” is changing.


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