Artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming more and more intelligent every year as technology makes advancements through time.  And while we make improvements on artificial intelligence and it grows smarter and smarter, our society is greatly effected.  The effects are small and hardly noticeable at first because they come naturally and as slowly as our technological advancements.  But looking at the overall picture and our day to day activities, the changing effects are there.  One such artificial intelligence example is Siri.  Siri is an artificial intelligence designed and created by Apple.  Siri can be found in iPhones almost everywhere as smartphones have become a norm in today’s world.  Siri is designed to help answer questions a person might have as well as to pass time.  Siri does not have a specific gender but has been refereed to as a “she” in a general consensus.  Siri is able to help navigate, share new ideas, and respond to people in an almost human response.  Siri still has some obvious signs of not being human however, such as her robotic voice or her sometimes inaccurate responses.  A lot have people have found Siri to be almost like a friend in their phone.  This shows just how impactful this AI is.  As artificial intelligence increases, I’m sure Siri will take on an even more human role and affect society on a much deeper level.


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