The game that I decided to play and analyze in the free game “FreeRice.” FreeRice is a game that focuses on giving to charity by donating ten grams of rice when you answer a question correctly.  You can choose from a variety of different school subjects and can set the level from basic to more challenging questions.  This game not only hopes to feed starving children, but also to educate people.  Let us look at this game from both the Cognitive learning model and the Affective learning model from Bloom’s taxonomy of learning.  Starting with the Cognitive model, this game helps us in the first step of remembering.  As we answer questions, its like answering flashcards, we remember answers.  Following this, we gain understanding from each question.  Now this is where the game seems to stop in the Cognitive model.  The next step would be applying but because the game is only about answering questions, we cannot exactly apply our understanding so the rest of the Cognitive model fails to be reached.  Next is the Affective model.  The first step is receiving.  We receive questions from the game and in turn, respond to them by answering.  This leads to valuing the game.  Since each time we answer a question correctly, rice is donated to hungry people so we value our answers to these questions and the effects it has outside the game.  Overall, the game was pretty good and left me wanting to answer many questions in the hope of helping someone out, and I even learned some new knowledge while doing it.


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