The Big Six Eisenberg and Berkowitz model helps to understand the process of information literacy.  The six different steps are task definition, information seeking strategies, location and access, use of information, synthesis, and evaluation.  The biggest step that I struggle with in this information literacy process is the second step, or information seeking strategies.  I struggle with this step because I frequently find it difficult for me to figure out whether or not a certain source is credible.  Its very important/critical to cite sources correctly and make sure they are credible so that you are not lying to the public and your process of the information goes over smoothly in a strategic manner.  Statements of fact versus statements of opinion are sometimes hard to notice for me and I sometimes worry about getting biased viewpoints mixed into my list of sources.  Another challenge to step 2 of the information literacy process is that is hard to figure out which sources are best for me to use.  Sometimes I find myself questioning search results when doing research.  I am always curious if maybe the top results aren’t really what I am looking for and want.  Information seeking is not where my strength is but hopefully within realizing this, I can improve.


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