Technology takes on a huge part of most people’s daily lives these days.  No matter where I look I can find usually at least a handful of people on their phones or computer.  In the class activity I wrote about my media usage throughout the day.  I would frequently use apps for Facebook, Wechat, and Instagram to try to connect with others or just because I am bored.  The person who reviewed my media usage said that I am trying to keep updated with any news and people through my phone.  I agree with this to an extent.  I do like to follow news through my phone as I do not usually watch television anymore with technology in our phones allowing us to do more and more each year.  I am meeting my need for knowledge with this behavior.  I also desire to keep up with my friends as I have quite a few and I cant always have the time to meet with them in person.  I am meeting my need for socialization with this interaction.  I am also sometimes bored between classes and will go through my phone and apps like I would twirl my thumbs.  I’m not doing it to actually look through my phone, I am doing it to meet the need of doing something rather than nothing.


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