In today’s age its almost impossible to live a private life.  There is a record of some sort for everyone.  This is especially true for people who use the internet frequently.  No matter what I type, no matter what I search in google, I am being tracked and my information is sent to others, usually in an attempt to put a specific ad orientated towards my interest where I will see it.  When I tried searching myself up, I got a variety of different people with the same name as it seems to be common.  If I type in where I live though I get a more narrow search and I can see things like my Facebook and various other social media that I use.  This was expected and I am not shocked by this.  I understood when I signed up to these sights that people may find me.  I did notice on my Facebook though that some of the ads I am getting are related to travel which is great because I am interested in traveling and am always looking up other countries.  While I do find this a little invasive that I am being tracked for ads, I do appreciate the ads I am getting as they pertain to me.

I couldn’t find anything besides my own social media.  Even using my full name and where I live, I couldn’t find anything related to me in my google search so I was pleasantly surprised.  I expected to find a lot more than my simple social sites with this poplular search engine.  If I use a site like however, I can find myself and some people related to me such as my parents.  This makes me upset because at this point it doesn’t just involve me but my parents as well.  I will take appropriate action and request that familytreenow takes down the information and I might start using privacy settings on my social media more often.


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