Communication is about creating messages.  These messages are then sent through a channel and to a receiver who then decodes those messages and provides feedback which in itself starts the process over again.  It can be mapped out as starting with a source and moving forward through several steps; encoding, message, channel, receiver, decoding, and finally feedback.  Within this process of communicating to elicit a response, anxiety can easily rear its ugly, uninvited face.  Communication anxiety can cause a problem within the process and disrupt it.  I personally experience communication anxiety during the receiver decoding and feedback process.  When I send a message, I usually find myself getting nervous and feeling anxious about how the person I am communicating with might respond to my message.  One typical symptom of anxiety is restlessness.  I definitely experience this while I wait nervously for a response from the receiver.  I worry about their reaction and if they will hate it, disagree with it, question it, etc.  I find myself also getting lack of sleep sometimes if the message is important and sent through text.  Usually I will have to wait a long time for a response because my friends don’t respond fast.  This leaves anxiety to disturb my sleeping habits.  It is important to recognize which step in the process of communication might cause anxiety.  If it can be located, steps might be taken to avoid anxiety in the future and allow for more effective communication overall.


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